“We believe that, while working towards real, FGASA recognised qualifications, your training should at the same time be a fun adventure and build unforgettable memories!”

Our Courses

Whether you would like to pursue a career in field guiding or simply attend a course to improve your nature knowledge, we have an option for you.

FGASA Apprentice Field Guide

Level 1 / NQF 2

  • Duration - 2 Months
  • Cost – R 64 800
  • Next start date – 14 Feb 2021

FGASA Apprentice Field Guide

Level 1 / Mentorship

  • Duration - 3 or 4 Weeks
  • Cost –R 24 300 or R 32 400  
  • Next Start Date - 14 Feb 2021


Level 1 / NQF2 

  • Duration - 35 Days
  • Cost – R 42 000
  • Next Start Date -14 Feb 2021

FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide

  • Duration - 4 Weeks
  • Cost –  R 37 950
  • Next Start Date - 21 March 2021

Specialist Courses

Birding / Tracking / Dangerous Game / Weapon Handling

  • Duration - 1 Week
  • Cost - Variable
  • Next Start Date - See Course Details

Online Theory (NQF 2)

Level 1 Theory

  • Duration - 3 to 6 Months
  • Cost -  R 9 000
  • Next Start Date - Anytime

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Limpopo Field Guiding Academy

Game Ranger training in the heart of the African bush! Come and join us for the Safari of your life!
Limpopo Field Guiding Academy
Limpopo Field Guiding Academy5 days ago
African Jacana - polyandrous breeder (one female has several male mates); nests on floating vegetation in slow- moving water.

Nest built mostly by male and eggs incubated by male.

Nomadic according to fluctuating water levels, feeds mainly on aquatic insects, arachnids, crustaceans, small fish and occasional vegetation.

Nests predated by Nile Monitor, Cape Clawless Otter, African Swamphen and more.

Come and learn it all at LFGA.

📸 Enrico Testi



5 hours ago
Various prey items impaled and stored by the Southern Fiscal (previously Common Fiscal / Fiscal Shrike etc).

Photo credit Nicholas Knott-Craig

https://t.co/gmoUbM7jjv https://t.co/hsVXjU3qgF


Success stories

Greg Schmidt 

General Manager, Lions Valley Lodge

“ Limpopo Field Guiding Academies extensive FGASA courses given by the experienced training team is TOP-NOTCH. I left LFGA with a base of Knowledge that allowed myself to enter into the Industry with the confidence of success! And the passion to learn. Now after nearly 10 years in the industry, I can confidently say “I think LFGA is one of, if not the best training academy in operation.”  

Isaiah Banda

Reserve Manager, Madjuma Lion Reserve

My LFGA course made it possible to realise my dream of becoming a field guide. I went all the way to reserve manager because of the key that LFGA gave me to open the door that seemed to be heavily locked. With the LFGA course that door was opened with ease.”

Alessandra Roveri

Field Guide at
Mongena Game Lodge

Alessandra attended our FGASA endorsed Field Guide course and passed with flying colours. Her passion and dedication was noticed while on internship at Mongena Game Lodge and she was offered a one year contract there.

Alessandra is from Italy and was able to secure a year-long student permit which enabled her to gain practical experience as a Field Guide apprentice.