Meet our Staff – Part 3: Janesta

//Meet our Staff – Part 3: Janesta

Meet our Staff – Part 3: Janesta

Janesta has a unique and interesting background in nature, with several different factors coming together at just the right time. The result is a highly talented and passionate wildlife artist who moonlights as a field guide instructor!

Starting out while she was in high-school, Janesta spent time with respected herpetologist Johan Marais at the old Transvaal Snake Park, a truly inspirational introduction. Janesta developed her wildlife art talents while studying commercial art, advertising, architecture and draughting – many different aspects over the years.

The call of the wild was too much and Janesta later began studies and practical training to become a Field Guide. FGASA Level 1 and 2 came and went and with it she also gained a Top Achiever award. Janesta operated as a private guide during this time, while also upgrading her qualifications in the field. Birding was always a special interest and it is not surprising that it was also the reason she joined LFGA.

Janesta joined LFGA as a Birding instructor in 2011 and has not looked back since. Conducting birding courses for our students in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, many a Limpopo Ranger has had the absolute privilege of being mentored by this caring and passionate individual.

Janesta has developed a keen interest in Track and Sign since being at LFGA and quickly qualified with Level 3 Track and Sign on the CyberTracker system.

Perhaps her greatest achievement to date is the development of the ground-breaking Pathfinder book – a nature manual that is unparalleled in its approach and delivery. A celebration of her life-work, this project took close to 10 years to complete and the result is simply spectacular. With beautiful diagrams as the departure point, snippets of guiding info are introduced at just the right level for learning.

We at LFGA are extremely fortunate to have Janesta on our team and every student that spends time with her in the field will agree. A true Limpopo Ranger!

Stay tuned for more in the series: Meet our Staff.

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